R6 Ragdoll [Death & Health Properties]

iirc you have to use a localscript to change the HumanoidState and use Humanoid:ChangeState(), and then destroy the joints and replace it with new joints

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and if you maybe assume its because of the getdescendants then do it like this:

Torso["Neck"].Enabled = true etc.

It seems to be working but another issue appeared, I apologize
The ragdoll stopped, and I can move normally but now I look like this.

can you look at the motor6ds and the attachments, ballsockets?
if they are in your character parts(arms, legs, torso, head)
then try destroying them

by motor6ds i mean if they are enabled

I can’t destroy all of the Attachments and Motor6Ds, that would break my whole character. And your suggestion didn’t work as well, it just broke even more the character.
I can move around but my character would still be on the floor.


nvm, I just can’t move now.

have you ever played the rake classic edition?

that game has good ragdoll system and for what as far i believe it uses collider parts you could try that method.

Yup, the ragdoll is for a related rake game of mine.

And, I’m not sure how would I use Collider Parts to make an ragdoll, I’m totally new at making ragdolls, and as I said, I’ve searched through this platform trying to make a successfully ragdoll.

ragdolling with collider parts is basically this:

whenever a player ragdolls the joints in the torso are disabled
and the collider parts’s cancollide setting is set to true so the collider part would stop the joints like falling off the map

use attachments and ballsockets and colliderparts i dont know if the rake classic edition uses more than those because i have never exploited or any stuff related with exploits.

and also platformstand is being set to true.

you could try searching for good ragdoll system in the toolbox if you just cannot make one i highly recommend you if you use a free model ragdoll system first of all check if there is any viruses.

I forgot to tell you, but my second way to make a ragdoll, it was getting one ragdoll system from TOOLBOX and “rescript” it, yk? Turns out it didn’t work and the system is all messed up. But i’ll try your method, thanks.

i wish you luck on your “remake of the rake” or whatever rake related game you are trying to do.

wait a minute, you could disable the joints? I thought you could just delete them and change the humanoidstate…

maybe this link helps you

these joints are a ‘motor6d’ and a motor6d can be disabled so yeah.

when the Motor6D is disabled, does it weld all the baseparts together?

no you have to use attachments and ballsockets to weld them or the joints will fall off

It actually worked, thanks for that… I was breaking my head on the table thinking on a alternative way of doing the ragdoll.

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