Ragdoll garbage

not sure if this is really the right category but nothing else seems to work that well

essentially what i want is a ragdoll script, but not just one thats ragdoll death or something, but one that can be called and used whenever i want (for example, if the player is hit by a moving object i can call it there, i can call it when they die, etc) and one that uses a clone of the player and not the player itself so that it wont despawn and just stay there until i manually destroy it
im too dumb to right my own ragdoll script i still have a lot to learn to get there, and im too dumb to edit a ragdoll script to do this kind of thing for me

so does anyone know any ragdoll scripts/has made any r6 ragdoll scripts that can accomplish this kind of thing…?

believe it or not Roblox actually has one of these.

In the official Drooling Zombie character model there is a Ragdoll module.


I suggest you check that out. It could help.

This is my favorite ragdoll module. As far as I’ve used it, it works perfectly. I suggest you check it out:

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where do i put it?

and is it just the ragdoll module or

maybe i shouldve said i need an r6 one

does this work for r6

Ah, no it doesn’t. The creator of it explicitly said that they’re not going to support R6. Sorry about that!


do you know any that do by any chance?

Yeah. It seems like it just a single function you can call
ragdoll(Model, Humanoid)

It seems to work for both R6 and R15.

I think you are just supossed to require it like this

local Ragdoll = require(RagdolModuleScript)
Ragdol(Character, Character.Humanoid)

I had a quick skim through and it seems like it also breaks the joints.

No, everything I’ve made has been in R15, and all the other ones I’ve seen have only been on-death…
You could modify it to work for R6, it just might take some work, but I don’t know of any others. Sorry!

ok so about this im very inexperienced with module scripts

how do i require this? im trying to use a server script inside a part to call it when the part is touched
that could be my issue but i have no idea lol

and the ragdoll module is in startercharacterscripts so

wait when i require it do i have to directly reference the module script itself

oh my god it worked

but it really didnt
its so scuffed and doesnt look right at all
does this thing work on the player? cuz it seems meant for npcs

I have created a ragdoll system with this script before. You might want to tweak the script a bit.

I am not too sure on how it looks like for you atm.

Also, the constraints used are BallSocket so that might be the reason why.

can i have that script by any chance or

Hmm. I am almost certain it won’t really work for your case.

It’s an Active Ragdoll system and it’s in R15. I used the module to connect the joints together so that I didn’t have to connect them manually by myself.