Rank Up To Regular | How Should They Do It?

Hey developers! I have been seeing a lot of people talking about rank ups no longer happening. So let’s talk about that and discuss how we think they can bring this back and make it even better.

I know there is already a thread talking about PA that can be found below in the replies. But that does not give all the awnsers as to the future of the regular rank and ranking up in general. From what I have seen around the forum people have said that you can no longer rank up to regular and this has me very confused.

Is there no longer a way to rank-up on the forum? I know that you can still become a member but after that does it not happen anymore?

Hope this will bring a good discussion. ~crew

  • Bring Back Rank Ups
  • Don’t Bring Back Rank Ups
  • Other

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Sorry that this post was considered off-topic. I really wanted to just have a conversation because becoming a regular is something I strive to achieve. This topic will now just be what we think the DevRel team should do to make the rank-up system better when it comes back.


This is only temporary, ranking up is still a thing


Apparently you won’t be ranked up automatically, might require talking to a staff

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I know it was said to be temporary but what do you think they will replace it with?

Yeah, that is what I heard that made me make this.

No, talking to a staff member doesn’t get you ranked up


My dude, you can no longer rank-up to a regular automattically. They also turned off the ability to anyone under the regular rank to post in certain areas because it was stressing the PA team out.

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This topic is not about what happened to rank-ups its about the future of them and ideas that people have and we can discuss them.

I’ve never thought about this before, and you’re right. I can no longer post in #platform-feedback. There was this very annoying bug that recently happened and i couldn’t do anything about it.


Yeah, I actually saw a post on a #forum-feedback thread by @DMCPEPlays that really got me thinking like wow I never noticed that we cant post there anymore.

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Theres no longer a way to rank-up, maybe you could become a regular if your a famous developer but thats really the only way now, hopefully they bring it back soon because theres a lot of people on the DevForum who really deserve to rank-up.

Yeah they should bring it back

Yeah, people would talk for hours just for the chance to become a regular and get to chill in the lounge and now, they dont have a chance to.

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I hope they do, #platform-feedback is something I want to be able to post in.

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Feedback is cool and all, but the thing that a lot of people want is to see the lounge and to have that status of wow, that person is a good developer and they know what they are doing.

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Some people were sending me private messages saying that the you can still rank up, you cant.

Here is a screenshot from the “how to rank up” thread;

Yeah, you no longer can. According to this.

No more rank ups is temporary. They will return once dev relations establishes a new system that will replace Post Approval and Community Editors. They’ll come back soon or when the new system is in place.


Yeah, we know. We are just talking about what will change and any suggestions we have.

Nothing will change except for PA.
No one knows what their replacement is, so there’s not much point in taking blind guesses.
Once their PA alternative is released, Regular promotions will continue.