Raw Plane Model

435,148 parts, all Roblox no blender etc… each part is 2x2x2

Want to know if there is anything I can improve.


Damn man I really cannot say anything bad about that, the effort you put in that is huge and it looks amazing. The PC is crying of that amount of parts right?

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So many parts. Lets see it go boom.

it is a little bit choppy when opening the file

I appreciate your hand working effort. If you have some decent PC you can make it an destruction game

Did u place them down 1 by 1 or did u use a script?


Why. Why would you do that. I’m sitting in my room, staring at the image. Why. That’s my only question.

This looks very cool! I’d suggest adding the internals for the engines (fan blades and stuff) but that would probably just turn into a mess.

now just need to wait for somebody to find a way to import this into minecraft…

Holy cow how much time do you have??? Anyways it looks just as amazing as the pirate one! Good Job!