Raycast in a 360 degree angle

Hello developers I’ve only ever raycasted in straight lines before and was wondering how I would go about raycasting in a circle. Does anybody know a way to achieve this?


What I can think of is block casts, sphere casts (which would cause less lag than firing 360 rays),but maybe you can do a for i = 1, 360 loop, then maybe fire a raycast with a cframe.angles() using the “i” value

I kinda suck at explaining, so heres what I mean:

for i = 1, 360 do
   local direction = lookvector * CFrame.Angles(0, (i / i), 0) -- divide i by i to make it always be "1"

or, you could make a block cast that would hover over an area, however, it wouldnt be a circle


You can perform multiple raycasts at different angles around a central point.

example code:

local centerPoint = Vector3.new(0, 5, 0)
local radius = 10
local numerOfRays = 16

for i = 1, numerOfRays do
    local angle = math.pi * 2 * (i / numerOfRays )
    local direction = Vector3.new(math.cos(angle), 0, math.sin(angle))
    local raycastResult = workspace:Raycast(centerPoint, direction * radius)

    if raycastResult then
        local hitPart = raycastResult.Instance
        print("Raycast hit:", hitPart.Name)

Even tho the solution was given, a Sphere cast would do the job.


I’ll try that I just finished the basics of what i am making

As the 1st guy said, it might create less lag since it’s made for that. Instead of creating a line it basically creates a Sphere. You can get more information of it here : Introducing Shapecasts


Yeah I like theses better thank you all for the help

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