Rblx file got destroyed

Out of curiosity, what did you have in the game? This is a file corruption so you’ll not be able to recover it from this particular one.

You may have some auto-recovery files that you can try though.

There are no auto-saves.

I just had a Model,ModuleScript and 1 LocalSccript.

What was the model made of? Anything unusual, or just parts?

I’m asking because this has happened to other people and it’s a bit catastrophic, so trying to figure out what causes it (if anything) is important.

2 parts 1 called Hitbox another one called Part.

Models PrimaryPart was the Hitbox.

Well that’s a bit alarming.

To answer this thread’s topic though there’s nothing in the place file (as far as I can tell on my phone it’s entirely filled with null characters) so it can’t be recovered. You’ll have to redo the work unfortunately.

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So there is 2 options what could’ve caused this issue

File save didn’t process correctly but Roblox Studio didn’t made an error for example there was an error while we were trying to save the file or this could’ve been all my fault, either way I need to code it again so RIP.

Yeah there is nothing in the file just blank spaces

Do you have a log file of the session when you saved the file?

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Where do they save? I don’t know the path

They should be saved in the Roblox folder. That’ll be %localappdata%/Roblox. Should be a log folder in there.


Command line:
C:\Users\Luka\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-029c07e114464970\RobloxStudioBeta.exe -task EditFile -localPlaceFile C:\Users\Luka\Desktop\Zombie.rbxl -startEvent www.roblox.com/robloxQTStudioStartedEvent

1564982154.08780,1c1c,6 Finding AppSettings.xml
1564982154.08780,1c1c,6 Opening AppSettings.xml
1564982154.08780,1c1c,6 Parsing AppSettings.xml
1564982154.08880,1c1c,6 Looking for 'Settings' element in AppSettings.xml
1564982154.08880,1c1c,6 Looking for 'ContentFolder' element in AppSettings.xml
1564982154.08880,1c1c,6 Looking for 'BaseUrl' element in AppSettings.xml
1564982154.08880,1c1c,6 BaseUrl loaded from 'AppSettings.Xml'
1564982154.08880,1c1c,6 Looking for 'IsScriptAssetUploadEnabled' element in AppSettings.xml
1564982154.08880,1c1c,6 Looking for 'IsAnimationAssetUploadEnabled' element in AppSettings.xml
1564982154.08880,1c1c,6 Looking for 'IsImageModelAssetUploadEnabled' element in AppSettings.xml
1564982154.08880,1c1c,6 Looking for 'CrashMenu' element in AppSettings.xml
1564982154.09080,1c1c,6 fetchClientSettingDataViaHttps
1564982154.54980,1c1c,6 LoadClientSettingsFromLocal group: "ClientAppSettings"
1564982154.54980,1c1c,6 LoadClientSettingsFromLocal group: "StudioAppSettings"
1564982154.55080,1c1c,6 CrashReporter Start
1564982154.55179,01d8,6 WatcherThread Started
1564982155.29482,1c1c,6 systemLocale.name() = en_US
1564982155.33366,1c1c,6 Studio D3D9 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
1564982155.33466,1c1c,6 Studio D3D9 GPU: Vendor 10de Device 0401
1564982155.33466,1c1c,6 Studio D3D9 Driver: nvd3dum.dll
1564982155.33466,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::RobloxMainWindow - start
1564982156.19566,1c1c,6 Info: RPC:Constructor Started server - RBX_STUDIO_8092
1564982156.19867,1c1c,6 StudioABTests using browserTrackerId 42947697242
1564982157.40188,1c1c,6 setAssetFolder C:/Users/Luka/AppData/Local/Roblox/Versions/version-029c07e114464970/content
1564982157.40490,1c1c,6 Reflection::load C:/Users/Luka/AppData/Local/Roblox/Versions/version-029c07e114464970\ReflectionMetadata.xml
1564982159.07471,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::showNativeLoginPageWidgets
1564982159.09363,1c1c,6 ======== Studio Startup Times =======
1564982159.09463,1c1c,6 FastFlagsLoadTime  : 0.4630 sec
1564982159.09463,1c1c,6 Authenticated : NO
1564982159.09463,1c1c,6 LoginPageOpenTime  : 5.0457 sec
1564982159.09562,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::RobloxMainWindow - end
1564982161.89892,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::createAndShowIDEDoc with task EditFile
1564982162.24753,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::open - start
1564982162.25957,1c1c,6 Info: 	Locking DataModel
1564982162.27365,1c1c,6 Info: 	Initializing Ogre
1564982162.27365,1c1c,6 Info: 	Initializing View
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 D3D11 Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 D3D11 Adapter: Vendor 10de Device 0401 VRAM 495 RAM 1023
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: ThreadSafe 0 Framebuffer 1 FpFramebuffer 1 Shaders 1 Compute 0 Instancing 1 ConstBuffers 1
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: Framebuffer: MRT 8 MSAA 8 Stencil 1
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: Framebuffer: Depth16 1 Depth24 1 DepthFloat 1 DepthClamp 1
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: Texture: RGB10A2 1 RG11B10F 1
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: Texture: DXT 1 PVR 0 ETC1 0 ETC2 0 Half 1
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: Texture: 3D 1 Array 1 Depth 1 MSAA 0 MSAAFP16 0
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: Texture: NPOT 1 PartialMips 1 CubeMipGen 1, CubeFramebuffer 1
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: Texture: Size 16384 Units 16
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: ConstantBufferSize 65536
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: 32bIdx 1
1564982162.30182,1c1c,6 Caps: ColorBGR 0 HalfPixelOffset 0 RTFlip 0 MinusOneToOneDepth 0
1564982162.36061,1c1c,6 Video memory size: 1592944640
1564982162.38564,1c1c,6 Loaded 614 shaders from pack d3d10 variant FFlagFutureIsBrightPhase2 (790412 bytes)
1564982162.38564,1c1c,6 Compiled 306 shaders in 25 ms
1564982162.47574,1c1c,6 Info: 	Initializing Explorer
1564982162.47574,1c1c,6 Info: 		RobloxViewStudio::RobloxViewStudio - start
1564982162.47574,1c1c,6 Info: 			Marshaller
1564982162.47674,1c1c,6 Info: 			BindToWorkspace
1564982162.47674,1c1c,6 Info: 		RobloxView::RobloxView - end
1564982162.47674,1c1c,6 Info: 		RenderScheduler::RenderScheduler - start
1564982162.47674,1c1c,6 Info: 			Marshaller
1564982162.47674,1c1c,6 Info: 			BindToWorkspace
1564982164.18361,1c1c,6 Info: 			ConfigureStats
1564982164.18361,1c1c,6 Info: 			RenderJobCyclic
1564982164.61038,1c1c,6 Info: 	Loading File : C:\Users\Luka\Desktop\Zombie.rbxl
1564982164.67085,1c1c,6 Info: 	Initializing Terrain
1564982164.67085,1c1c,6 Info: 	Initializing Undo
1564982164.71070,1c1c,6 Info: 	Open Success
1564982164.75756,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::openPlaceSessionConfigWithStream - end
1564982164.79477,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::activate - start
1564982164.79779,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::showTabWidgets
1564982180.54136,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::closeEvent
1564982180.55686,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::cleanupPriorToDeleteLater - start
1564982180.68770,1c1c,6 AeroGameFramework plugin restarting
1564982180.70278,1c1c,6 New tag editor version coming online; unloading the old version
1564982180.81383,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::cleanupPriorToDeleteLater - end
1564982180.82678,1c1c,8 Open: Local File (0)
1564982180.82678,1c1c,8 StudioUserAction: gridSizeToFourAction (0)
1564982180.93517,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::~RobloxIDEDoc - begin
1564982180.93517,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::cleanupInDestructor - start
1564982180.93517,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::cleanupInDestructor - end
1564982180.93517,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::~RobloxIDEDoc - end
1564982180.94724,1c1c,6 Info: End of main, return value 0
1564982180.97419,1c1c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::~RobloxMainWindow
1564982181.18267,1c1c,6 Info: RPC:Destructor Removed server - RBX_STUDIO_8092
1564982181.18267,1c1c,6 Info: RPC:Destructor Destroyed server - RBX_STUDIO_8092

Check the Recent Saves folder instead of autosaves… It should contain all place files you’ve opened including published and not saved ones including this one. The file is indeed filled with nul bytes which is definitely not a Roblox issue. Most likely some form of data corruption happened which caused the file contents to be erased.

There is nothing.(30+ Character)

Wrong file log sorry wait a min I will get the Baseplate’s one or is that what you wanted?.


Like I said, I’m reasonably sure this is a Roblox issue. We’ve gotten a few bug reports in Post Approval for this exact problem in the last few days.

@DevOfLua It’s nearly midnight at the moment so I’ll put this on the backburner, but the log file that would be of use is the one that was for the session where you saved the baseplate file (the one you’re having problems with). If you find it, let me know, but I’m done for the night.

Ok I am searching for it but how would I know if it is save event or not?

Are you sure the folder is empty? You should be able to find recent saves here: Documents\ROBLOX\RecentSaves.

What time was the Baseplate.rbxl file last saved to?

Also I didn’t see your post, I apologize @Dekkonot
I have had this exact thing happen a few months ago to other files (a few Roblox files and some js/html files) but it appeared to be due to a Windows 10 update.

I’m not sure. If you don’t know when you saved it, that’s okay. Just keep track if it happens again. :slight_smile:

I saved it at 8/4/2019 10AM+.(30 + characters)

This isn’t what I had.