RBX-3063A914.tmp failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application - Fixed


I’ve already tried uninstalling, reinstalling and rebooting but nothing. If it’s any help the numbers after RBX always change. RBX-XXXXXXX

FIXED: I did a cleanup with software and I think it might have been something in the registry? Idk

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Uninstall, delete the Roblox folder under C:/Users/… /AppData/Local, then reinstall.


Don’t worry that was my way of uninstalling it anyway. Even with a fresh clean install, no luck :frowning:

EDIT: Fixed when I did a cleanup with a software. Might of been something in the registry? Idk

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Idk, how to fix mine https://gyazo.com/2c59b6b75199a8f435a4cdbe6d490896


Try reinstalling Roblox, and otherwise provide more system details.


Fixed by Roblox Support, I have no problem now :slight_smile:
When i was having problem to the Roblox i can’t reinstall or uninstall the Roblox

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