RbxMusic: A plugin to search Roblox's APM catalog

Unfortunately I can’t due to licensing and terms of service stuff

I’m for sure going to buy this soon! Half the time when I use the normal system, it refuses to give me a preview, so this will be very useful!

is about to install it when I realize it costs 120 Robux

Since when you can put a price tag on plugins?!

since this post: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/introducing-plugin-marketplace/400582

Hello, just purchased this plugin to find the song i want doesnt exist in the plugin’s music list, any chance that you will collect new apm songs again? I can also give the music name i need if that helps

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It won’t collect the new-ish APM songs, as they aren’t in the Roblox Library.

Stolen/fake with a virus in:
RbxMusic - Roblox


Cool but, how does it pause the music as it’s impossible to do it currently?

Cool plugin, worth the 125 robingles I spent, do have a few questions,
With the Monstercat v Roblox collabs, can you also add the added songs from them
and lastly, can you add a search on for audio time aswell?

Just bought this and I don’t regret it, only thing I’d want from it is being able to have a filter such as looking for songs that fit both names and genres instead of one or the other. Still a really good plugin though, better than using the Roblox library.

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With the update that removes the ability to use other user’s audio, it would be great if this plugin could get a update.

Things I would Like to see

  • Right Click Menu
    • Copy Audio ID
    • Copy Audio Link
  • Preview Audio without playing the game (please)
  • Multisearch (search with more than one field)
  • Favoriting/Saving Audio

An update would be greeted indeed. I’ve been using this plugin for around a year now and it’s extremely useful, with the Roblox audio update even more.

RIP this plugin : (

This is super useful especially for the new audio update.

What happened to it? I thought it was just a solution to the audio update

oh i thought it was custom audio my bad