RCC? ROBLOX Contributive Causes? What do you think?


what does rcc mean and what is it?
RCC means, ROBLOX Contributive Causes, Its dedicated to selling clothing and gamepasses to raise funds, these funds are turned into US Dollars to give to animal shelters, foster homes, vets, rescues, homeless shelters, schools, and more.

There will be 85 percent of robux turned into US Dollars for this cause, 15% stays in the group for advertising and more, we hope to atleast give 10,000 dollars away to shelters and schools and anything of your choice.

Why am i doing this?
I’ve been planning to do some sort of thing like this for almost a year now, but never had the time, but i recently got to the point where i saw animals on the roads all over, and worse, so i have put together this group to hopefully raise funds for real life causes!

become apart of the team!
You can become apart of the team and help making clothing, games, and more to raise funds
and help those in need

No Clothing?
We currently have no clothing, we only
currently own gamepasses for people to buy, but we are making progress as we go

Over millions of animals are being abandoned or have ran away to get away from abusive owners, which is sad to hear, and i really hope i can help with this stuff by raising funds off of ROBLOX and selling products on amazon and other websites

You can help today by joining this group!

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I think this is a very wholesome way to help out raise funds for animals!

I hope u raise a lot of money!

I like the idea but how do I know people are really donating the money to charity, and not putting it in their own pocket?


Two things before I get into my own opinions on this:

  1. This is not in the right category. Cool Creations is for showcasing works that you’ve made and getting feedback on them. This is not a work.
  2. Fundraising is not allowed here. So in that regard, this thread shouldn’t be on the DevForum at all. I encourage you to review the rules before posting.

A couple of developers have talked about fundraising through Roblox for causes. While I think the intentions behind your actions are good, Roblox isn’t the platform to be doing that exclusively. Fundraisers should be rooted off the platform if they aren’t from Roblox themselves.

There are many roadblocks you need to overcome if you want to source your donations purely off of Roblox, the first being the Developer Exchange program. There is a very high cash out threshold (100K R$) that needs to be met first and foremost. Then you need to figure out the exchange rate: a higher donation means needing to reach higher income amounts.

Once you’ve gotten 100K Robux, you reach into other areas of eligibility which you can get denied for. So, if you’ve crowdfunded and you can’t DevEx, you’re in a rut. That money no longer becomes “for charities”, and it becomes idle money. Idle money will make you impulsive and you’ll shelve your cause, intentionally or unintentionally, because you can’t do anything with that Robux anymore other than spend it on the website. Suddenly it’s not so contributive other than to your own wallet.

The same circumstance is applicable if you do get the money. Now you need to think about the charity itself and how they accept donations. Not all charities openly accept donations AFAIK and need to vet them to ensure the money is legitimately sourced. So now you have qualifications to meet again from the target charity. Again, if you get denied, idle money, which only benefits your own pocket.

Not a good idea if you’re looking for honest opinions.

Other threads you can search up about fundraising on Roblox:


If this doesn’t work, i’ll find a different way.

What category woud this go on-?


Doesn’t go in any category. Shouldn’t be on the forum at all.

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