RDC2018 Recap: Looking Back on the US Conference

Thanks for the fix. Any knowledge of when ALL panel videos will be up?

Awesome recap!

Slight edit: the people you have listed in the last part of the business track for building your business are incorrect

Best RDC ever…

Thank you for putting on such a fantastic event! Looking forward to what comes next. :smile:

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I am going to re-post the time stamps since this is a public thread.

Creating the Worlds You Envision With Studio: 19:50
Featuring: RBLXImagineer (Stephen Jobe)

  • What makes an immersive world and world types: 22:56
  • Tone: 28:21
  • Perspective: 29:16
  • Cohesion: 31:07
  • Colors: 35:27
  • Textures: 40:49
  • Lighting: 43:13
  • Recommended Roblox Games and GDC talks: 50:54
  • Q&A: 52:36

Making Your Game More Social: 1:14:20
Featuring: sisteralligator (Kelly Mayes)

  • Playing with friends metrics: 1:18:48
  • Party and home page improvements: 1:20:45
  • In-game invites: 1:22:40
  • Playing with friends: 1:23:29
  • Breaking the ice: 1:27:00
  • Social buffs: 1:28:36
  • Future plans for social team: 1:29:44
  • Q&A: 1:31:44

Designing UI Across Platforms: 1:49:17
Featuring: hahamonkey5 (Grace Lin)

  • What is UX: 1:50:22
  • UX on Roblox: 1:51:23
  • Cross platform UX: 1:52:56
  • Layout: 1:55:11
  • Interaction: 1:59:31
  • Visual: 2:02:58
  • Q&A: 2:07:59

Designing for Performance: 2:29:13
Featuring: zeuxcg (Arseny Kapoulkine)

  • Performance measurements: 2:31:13
  • Analysis tools: 2:34:17
  • Roblox-side improvements: 2:40:03
  • Scripting performance: 2:48:10
  • Building performance: 2:53:44
  • Physics performance: 2:58:56
  • Texture performance: 3:00:45
  • Transparency performance: 3:02:16
  • Q&A: 3:04:01

How Changes are Made on the Roblox Platform: 3:26:08
Featuring: rbadam (Adam Miller)

  • Easy example - Portrait Mode: 3:28:47
  • Hard example - Smooth Terrain: 3:34:46
  • Q&A: 3:41:31

Advanced Studio Tips: Organizing Your Code, Plugins, and More: 3:58:56
Featuring: woot3 (Brad Sharp)

  • Settings: 4:03:18
  • Shortcuts: 4:04:19
  • Command bar: 4:06:46
  • Code management: 4:07:43
  • Plugins: 4:09:23
  • Q&A: 4:12:17

So sad I had to leave before the final picture taken with everyone. Dx Next year, and last year, but next year again.

Really hyped up for next year’s RDC! This is one was my first and it did not disappoint!

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I noticed there were a couple people that looked pretty official (I don’t have any names, so …) taking photos. Are there any intentions on releasing these photos in the future?

It doesn’t work lol - can’t play it :frowning:

Sorry but I think we deserve that award image

WRONG. (No clue why our game was cap locked)

By the way, we open sourced ours. I take full credit for any code that starts with “–TheNexusAvenger”, and any of the code is free to use for whatever you could want to do with it.

Battletoads Killed My Dad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Really loved my first RDC! I had an incredible experience. Thanks for the staff and their hard work! Hope to go next year!


Appreciate it man! Was looking for something like this.

Ate lunch with David, I will never forget that day :heart_eyes:


Also our game isn’t on here but…

Oahu Labs: Time is of the Essence https://www.roblox.com/games/2081139380/Time-is-of-the-Essence

Good news, Tunnel Vision, the first game on the list of submissions, has been updated and is now playable. This is the version of the game that was featured on the RDC stream. Be sure to try it out in Multiplayer.


More good news: all of the videos are up for the tracks!

Developer track: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/rdc-2018-usa-developer-track-videos-and-timestamps/152882
Design track: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/rdc-2018-usa-design-track-video-and-timestamps/148150
Business track: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/rdc-2018-usa-business-track-videos-and-timestamps/153008



(It’s actually Gravity Golf just sayin’, and my name doesn’t have spaces)