Re-create studio tools?

Hey there, hope your having a great day. Recently I’ve been wondering how I can re-create studio tools (Select, move, rotate, size). But I don’t know where to start, for instance, how to make the knobs for the tools. Basically, I want to know how to make something like building tools by F3X (only the tools mentioned before, as the rest I can handle)

Note, I am not asking to be spoon-fed, but just for ideas

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I believe this tutorial could help:

(At least with moving the objects)
You can then use it to add the rest

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That’s great for the Select tool, however, for the move tool (and others) I still am wondering the best way to make the “knobs”

Imma bump this up a little. Hope fully someone knows something.

Hey! It is possible to mount the studio tools so you don’t actually have to recreate them.

To do this you have to write proxies to emulate certain services that can only be used in studio and/or replace/disable some fast flags.

Unfortunately I can’t provide the code I show in this video b/c of licensing issues. That said, the studio tools are some of the most robust and straight forward tools so I’d recommend just making them work on the client as opposed to fully attempting to rewrite them.


Thanks @EgoMoose. That’s why your a legend.

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What is the Roblox studio tools license ?
And where can I find the source code of Roblox Studio Tools ?

There is no license. That’s why I can’t hand over the code.

That said, if you were to happen to stumble across a couple of .rbxms in the BuiltInPlugins folder that come packaged in a roblox studio install you might be in luck, but that’s none of my business…


here is somethig that could help ArcHandles ( & Handles ( you can use there mouse drag and mousebutton1down event and some Cframe and vector magic :smirk: I looked into recreating studio’s movement tool and after looking through the HUB the devhub and going through a very good tutorial I was successful!

basically like this tutorial is basically the best told me a basic way on how to do this
DISCLAIMER: I’m not telling you to copy code I’m telling you ways on how to approach this
also @EgoMoose can I have some tea too it looks really good :yum:

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You can obviously improve from what ive given you such as a gui and keybinds maybe for the increment just like F3x. Tbh what ive learned so far isnt hard at all just not well known

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Thank you all for your feedback. I will look into all your ideas. @ZINTICK @EgoMoose I appreciate you

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