Re-Creating a Portal Effect,

technically not cropping the viewport, in order to have the right perspective the viewportframe is scaled and positioned beyond its surfacegui’s size. we could use uicorners but we wouldnt be able to align the frame with our cameras perspective, thus, making the surface look flat


OH! that explains it thanks :slight_smile:

I was literally thinking the same thing.

Anyone found a way to have proper lighting inside these portals? I want to create a portal that leads to an indoor area, but in the viewportframe it just shows up as completely dark when using ShadowMap

Not really. The problem is that the viewport frame is technically in another world with no lighting service, dynamic simulation, etc. This means that if you want to add lighting to those dimensions, you have to write your own shadow ray caster, which with Roblox tools is impossible (or possible, but probably way too hard). Thoughts: I never tried to do so and probably won’t since the calculation will be on the CPU.


I don’t think it’s possible for us to do it at all. I think the only hope for viewport lighting is if or when Roblox decides to add it, unfortunately. Theres still hope yet.

They probably won’t, since viewport frames were designed to show models and not the entire world. The only hope is if they will add “CameraViewFrame”.


OMG. This is my first time looking at this discussion, but this specific video on this post is so cool!

I like how the sky changes color. It’s like you entered a alternate reality.

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It’s Tardis!!

Fr, this would be cool for a Backrooms Game.

It’s 2024 and I was hoping to make an easy-to-configure system that would allow the creation of multiple pairs of linked portals.
Is there already something similar done or a good starting point you know of?

For people wondering I was considering starting from [this].(Teleportation portal demo - Roblox)
Thanks :slight_smile:


What do you mean by linked ? Like they teleport sequentially? Or what is different ?

I assume they mean like instead of having one pair of portals in the game, they can make as many portals in the game as they want and link different portals together as they wish. If you play minecraft think of it as minecraft nether portals.

How does it determine what portal u get teleported to ?

Like you could just add to the script a table of available positions to teleport to or it choose where to go in a loop or whatever

Presumably you register both portals as a pair and the script transports you to the linked one when you pass through? Definitely not a random one because you can see through it to the other side.


This reply is semi related
When i opened the teleportation portal demo everything turned black! D: i think its cuz of memory full cuz i had a lot of tabs open. It didnt happen next time i opened it! :‍D
anyways i might use this teleportation portal in a game

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I am trying to make something like this on my own and I’m wondering how you only show the area that overlaps the portal from the viewport camera like shown here

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Would it be possible to make the portals work properly if I had a cube with portals on all sides?

I saw this one person showcase this exact thing I’m trying to do but I have no idea how they’ve done it and the creator hasn’t published it since when it was posted 2 years ago.

Using this demo I tried modifying the code so I could easily add multiple portals but it seems that the image doesn’t completely align. This is what it looks like:

Any ideas how to make this work?