Hello! I am Mememoxzine (was ZeroGaming19). I love programming entities/creatures in the ROBLOX Platform as well as other stuff, I do simple and advanced scripting. I do decent animation as well as decent building skills. I have been programming on this platform for over 2 years. I love being a part of the SCP:F genre. (Credits to roblox user “sycne” for making the portfolio images for me)

I enjoy programming and I consider programming as my hobby. I have worked on several games with my position as a scripter and a builder.


I have online school during quarantine, hence why I am not available during weekdays. Although commissions are expected to be done ASAP. I am much available in the weekends. My timezone is GMT+7.

Stick682’s SCP Foundation

  • Former Overseer Head
  • Former Head Development (Project Coordinator)
  • Former Developer Team
  • Former Lead Scripter

Toximay’s SCP Foundation (SHUTTED DOWN)

  • Developer

Deathling0’s Foundation

  • Former Developer

Spookington’s Foundation

  • Former Developer

Blackdawn: Border

  • Former Scripter


  • Owner
  • Lead Scripter

Here I will provide examples and past work I’ve done:


SCP-352 = 352 (This entity is capable of using it’s hair as a tentacle to attack it’s prey, It deals alot of damage towards the player. Pathfinding AI is being implemented into this entity)

SCP-457 = SCP-457 (This entity is capable of exploding as well as emitting lines of fire towards its target, it gains power for each player it damages)

SCP-106 (OLD) = SCP-106 (This Entity is capable of exploding and throwing spikes, This isn’t the final version as I will improvise this entity.)

SCP-076-2 = 2020-08-15 21-48-10 (this Entity is capable of
killing players under seconds, this entity increases it’s damage for every kill it gets.)

SCP-5667 (Custom SCP) = 2020-08-15 02-51-38 (this SCP I made for Stick682’s SCP:F, this entity is capable of emitting thunders towards players it is attacking.)

SCP-106 (REMASTERED) = https://gyazo.com/82299264e38025f75d5be0a5b4773e73


Simple vent system = Vents (This system is made under the duration of 10 minutes, As you can see the player automatically moves closer to the vent after clicking it. The walls and the vent images are temporary.)

Turret system = Turret (This turret in the video is not the finished version of it, the finished version of it uses raycasting and a better model, the turret in the current video is temporary. I made this turret in under 20 minutes.)

Flamethrower weapon = 2020-08-21 19-44-16 (I do not make the models on this weapon, I only scripted it.)

SCP Door system: The keycard reader on both sides of the door detects whether a player is near its proximity or not, if they are, it will extend and vice versa, Credits to wpzaza2f for building this door, also credits to the original creator of the reference we were going for.

Custom RCL gun system = 2020-11-13 19-30-52 (I do not make the gun models. The guns are triggered via the client, and the server detects whether the “Shoot” event is fired or not, If it is fired, the server detects if there are any humanoid present within the raycast, then fired another event to all clients, meaning only the client load the projectiles, making the projectile very smooth and not delayed.)

Custom OTS gun system =

Underground metro-system = 2020-11-07 10-14-55 2020-11-07 07-30-11
Made for my game that I’ve been working on, titled “Colossasaurus National Park” based on the roblox accessory “Colossasaurus”

Here is one of my favorite builds I made not too long ago, and yes I will fix this build to make it better.

My payment should be high depending on the task.


  • Custom made entities = 500 - 10k Robux
  • Other scripting tasks = 500 - 10k Robux
  • Building offer = 250 - 7k Robux


  • Custom made entities = 2 - 100 USD
  • Other scripting tasks = 2 - 100 USD
  • Building offer = 2 USD - 20 USD

Building offers has been halted and I will no longer be doing building offers. I have dedicated full-time to programming.

(Most of the assets shown are over 8-11 months old, I will be revising this portfolio fully soon)


Please tell me what I did wrong in this portfolio, English is not my first language but I would love to learn more about English.


Hey, just a question, do you accept %?

Do you have a discord account by which I can contact you? If you do, please send a friend request to InsaneRapper007#5536

I do have a discord account! I forgot to mention it in the post, anyways It is Mememoxzine#9290

I highly recommend you do some research into inverse kinematics / animation as it can really bring some of your monsters to life.

Hello! Inverse Kinematics is interesting, I will try this! I haven’t tried a single bit of IK before in my life because I didn’t think It actually works, I’ll try to get my eyes on it and search a bit more! thanks for informing! :smile:

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This post will be revised soon, now that I have many assets to showcase.

Heya mate, bit late to the party but are you currently open?

Can’t find your discord anywhere in the post so;


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Hello yes, I’m still open. I’ll contact you right away.

Hello, are your commissions still open? If so, I’d be interested in commissioning you!

You contact me on my discord: Sultan Grape#1666