[Re-release] All in one UI Design Plugin

The UI could use some work (especially the properties panel), but otherwise this seems like a useful plugin.

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Thanks you, im not an ui designer myself but ill try

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The only thing I would change is to have a different name for the Properties window. People could get confused on which the real properties window is.

This looks promising, I might use this over the 3 other UI Design plugins I have. :joy:

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Do you mind giving a way for us to see the plugin’s code? Like through a github repo or a model? I’d like to see the code before I install the plugin into my game.

question: how did u change the explorer icon color?

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this is really cool! i think ill be using it a lot
but my question isn’t about the plugin,
how do you make those icons so much brighter/colorful?

Why would you need to see the code??? Uhm…

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man thinks there are viruses in the code and wants to steal the plugin tho

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:man_shrugging: Anyone who installs the plugin can see the code if they know where to look, you can see the code for any plugin you own if you really wanted. This is why there’s so many virus copies of plugins where the plugin actually still works but they just added a small piece of code to the existing code that does other malicious things.

The only reason I want this is the conversion part, I hate when I don’t realize something has to be a text box yet I end up using a text label. Thanks!

i think you are right, i will change that

Im still figuring out how to make a proper github repo, but if you want the rbxm you can download it

someone already replied, i used Vanilla and it looks really cool

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I need to see the code so I know what kind of plugin I’m putting into Studio.

All resources placed in #resources:community-resources should be open-source anyway, as stated in the rules.

Cool plugin, although I wouldn’t say it’s an all in one UI plugin, there are many more features that need to be added. Nice contribution.

Assuming it is free you could always just open a blank studio, install the plugin, and check the source code yourself.

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Hello everyone, after rewriting and re designing i finally finished what i call AU plugin v1, hopefully it looks better, and the color picker tool will come in the next update

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There is a small bug with this plugin.

Whenever I want to convert from label to button, I cannot press cancel. Instead I stay stuck

It would be very epic if you fixed this bug

It’s not to steal. All recourses in community recourses MUST show source code. It’s a good way to learn or to see if the plugin is malicious.

Thanks for reporting and its fixed now, it was a really small error on my end that i wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t reported :grinning:.

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