Realistic and low poly builder my portfolio

About Me :slight_smile:

Hello there I’m uffa003 I specialize in architectural and fps maps I’ve been a builder for 3 years and in those 3 years I’ve made many friends in the Roblox dev community. I love sharing ideas and helping others improve there game

Here are some of my creations on Roblox studio

Here are some of my low poly creations

My preferred payment is Robux/USD

If you are interested in my builds and looking to hire feel free to give me a DM

My discord is Uffa003#3140

If you don’t have discord you can DM me through my Roblox Uffa003 :smile:


Try posting more of your architectural work. Also, your discord isn’t working.

Really? Can you reply with your discord username I’ll try to add you and see if that works if your Interested in hiring I’ll send more in dms

Send me some examples, we can talk business

I sent you the friend request on discord