Realistic design of a low poly map

Hello, I’m creating a game about driving, but for some reason I don’t really like how the terrain looks like. I’m not that good at designing and the choice of colors, so I need your help to decide how would the game be designed.


The map is meant to be low poly and to have some grass, bushes and other decorations in the near future that make the place more realistic and give it a life source, but I don’t like how it currently came out. It has shadow map and I edited a bit the light properies but still not good.

Here's what it looks like:

As how you can see the shadow bolds some of the edges and they are easily seen by the player while my goal is to make it as realistic as possible, but I need help with the choice of grass properties (like color, reflection, texture) since I’m pretty bad with those.

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If you REALLY want this to be realistic, use Terrain.

Does this answer your question?

Since you are building a low poly terrain and buildings, try to change the Skybox and add a Sunray to give it a Realistic design.
If you want to improve the Reflection try this out:


You could also check this out:

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I’ve already seen the realistic lightning tutorial, but still thanks for the help, I appreciate that! Also I already have sun rays, but they are not really visible since the sun is not the way I was looking at. The announcement from Roblox about the lightning is going to help me alot since it’s something new for me!

You could change the time of the day or just make a day/night cycle script so the sun could be in the way that you wanted to be looked.

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A mix of lowpoly and realistic, interesting…!
Here are some tips to help you! (a list of the other hints from other people too)

  • Add Sunrays and change the Skybox, that would already make a big difference, like @lightphenexx said.
    *Make some useless islands that doesn’t make it look like the ocean is the end. It’s just for details.

  • If you’re not that lazy, then learn blender. You can make alot of cool stuff with it, like i did :wink:

Here is a screenshot of something i’ve made which are lowpoly with a bit of realistic lighting:


This isn’t my only mix of lowpoly and realistic lightning, i’m still working on something, but i can’t reveal it yet!

  • like @FastAsFlash_Dev just said, it’s very difficult to make a mix of REALISTIC and LOWPOLY. You can make it instead of realistic, realistic lighting. And like FastAsFlash_Dev just said, add some trees, bushes and rocks, … That’s why i suggested you to start blender, it’s so easy to make those details in blender, and you can easily export them to roblox (mostly) without any problems!

This looks good, but achieving realism with low poly assets is difficult or maybe even impossible? Low poly assets are used to reduce poly counts, and low poly styles have been so famous that there is a whole genre for it. To achieve realism you might have to also use High poly assets.

And for your map, your terrain looks empty. Add flowers, grass, trees.
Distribute the rocks evenly and don’t put them at one side only as I can observe it from the image