Realistic Obby | Showcase

Very little obbys I have seen look realistic, and that looks more relastic than some games entirely!

Great job, and I would love to see where this game heads! :slight_smile:

Maybe one suggestion, I am not sure if this would lag, but adding some things underneath as well, instead of leaving it blank terrain? Such as roots of trees and dirt? May just give a bit more scenery to the game!


Thank you, my goal was to try and introduce a new type of obby.

I will make a new post when the game releases, look out for it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Wow. That is just gorgeous. It’s amazing to think the type of Graphics Roblox stated and where they are now. Man, even without Ray Tracing, the games manage to look super good.

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Looks cool, but considering the target audience for obby’s generally is young children on phones / low end devices, it probably wouldn’t make too much money if the theme isn’t as interesting for children and the performance isn’t very good.


This project was just for fun and practice, however it does run pretty good on my mobile devices, tablet (Ipad 6) and phone (Iphone XR)

The only thing I could say about that assumption, is while phones are getting more powerful, iOS and iPadOS are known for being designed and optimized to perfection, so I don’t think the same level of performance translates to Android phones. At least, ones prior to 2018 or 2020 super budget phones.

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Yea, I will have to test performance with my old 2016 fire tablet, which I assume is one of the most popular budget tablets.