RealTimeCreator (Portfolio)

Hello Developers,

I am RealTimeCreator, a builder on the roblox platform.
I have been building for around about four years, I have made plenty of games over that period of time one of which on 800,000 visits.
Here is a link to that game:

I have many ideas on games I may make for my group, as of making this I am currently working on a game in the 1960’s comic style.

In total I have around 920,000 visits (This is including my groups games.)
If any of you would like to work with me or would like me to do a small or big commissions, I am nearly always open, prices differ, depending on how hard the project is.
If you would like me to do a commission there is plenty of places to find me.

Twitter : @RealTimeCreato1
Discord : RTC#3718
(Keep in mind, I am not a 3D modeler and I cannot use blender, due to me just being really really bad at it.)

Thank you for taking some time to read this.

Cheers, RTC.