Recreating Work At a Pizza Place cooking system

I’ve been working on a Restaurant game, and I want to implement a system similar to work at a pizza place, but instead of pizzas its burgers. I’m fairly new to coding, and I’m wondering how I could create something like this.

It would need a click and place system, and then detect if the burger was placed on the grill and then begin to cook!


Add two hitboxes for each part, when one is cooked wait till the other one is clicked then continue with the code. I guess you could do this, or add proximity prompts for each area so that the player can clearly see where to go.

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You could use this tutorial to help with the dragging. Although it might not be the most beginner friendly.

For the detection you’d check when the burger touched something and check if it’s the grill.


I will just add click detectors to the part, I just need to make some sort of placement system like work at a pizza place. Video below.
robloxapp-20240113-1413496.wmv (3.3 MB)