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About Me

I’m Rec. I’ve Been Doing Visual Effect For 1 Year Now and Have Contributed to a Sizable Amount of Games by Now.

I’m 15 Years Old and Consider Myself to be Pretty Good at Making these Effects. I Usually Try to Include as Many Details within my Effects as Possible and Genuinely Enjoy making them.

The Reason why I Started my Venture into Visual Effects in the First Place was, as Ironic as it Sounds, Unusual Effects. I was Fascinated with the Concept of having Rather Flashier Effects that Float around or on-top of My Head. I Still Share that Fascination with Unusuals and Persist on Making Them to this Very Day.

My Timezone is GMT+2, active from around 12:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. so I May be Quick to Respond, if I Miss your FRQ Don’t be Shy to Ask for me to Accept it Here!

My Work

Most Recent Projects

Note: some of these may still be WIP


Small Personal Projects



Screenshot 2024-03-10 133254

Old Projects (Outdated)

Screenshot 2023-12-09 142138

Screenshot 2024-04-23 144614

( Note: I Have a Lot of Outdated/Scrapped Projects not Included )


  • FPE: Survival (25m+ visits)
  • Era Warfare (5m+ Visits)
    30m+ visits contribution


Currently Only Accepting Robux
I Don’t Accept %


Minimum; 1000 Robux.


Hourly-Pay or Per Asset. ( Minimum = 1000r/P(er)A(sset) )


Discord: .rec__
Guilded: Recroomiscool ( Inactive on Guilded )
( I Don’t use Twitter or other Platforms of Communication )

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