Recruiting (Advanced) Anime inspired Developers!

About The Job

Hello! I’ve been in search for a development team, I got a few good lads onboard but I mainly wanna target developers who are Familiar with Anime or the series “One Piece” to join me in creating a first ever Third Person shooting / Fighting game that could start a whole new creation direction of Anime games on roblox!

The Team
@Kixx4O5 - Head developer, Builder, and experienced animator
@Kaitosu - Clothing designer
@ItzOnlyNate - 3D Modeler/Builder
@Tealingg - experienced scripter

MAINLY Need Atleast 2 or 1
@couldbeyou - [Advanced] Lua Scripter/Programmer
@couldbeyou - [Advanced] 3D Modeler/Builder
@couldbeyou - [Advanced] R15 / Rig Animator
@couldbeyou - Graphic / UI Design Artist

Environmental Designers, FX Artist, Particle Makers are also needed but not as much as the above listed.

About The Job

The project requires advanced developers who are familiar with anime creations.
The Game itself is like I stated a Third person shooter / Fighter.
Has 2 main Game Modes, which are Arena and Grand battle.
In The Grand You get to choose and customize between 4 Unique classes and brawl it out in a large server across iconic rememberable One piece maps.
There’s always 2 organizations that are voted on by teams during pre-matchmaking in which they have their unique Heroes or Villains that One player can play as for one life duration after acquiring points with the 4 main character classes.
There will be individual leveling with player Overall Rank, Class Levels and Hero/Villain leveling to unlock more content and abilities
Item Shop
Inventory to Edit Classes and heroes skins, or taunts, sea cards, or Weapon and skills selected
There will be leaderboard for Arena and much much content that I could explain on and on for days :grin:


100% Negotiable , I offer % mainly as success rate for the game is very high and multiple sources of income revenue from Developer products, Game passes, and Group clothing exclusively for and from the In-game skins.
If plans fail, which is unlikely i’ll offer 20k-100k R$ or USD payment for your work

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord:

Thanks Again for reading! :pray:t4::slight_smile:

Hey there! I’m a builder and 3d modeler here’s my portfolio!:slight_smile:
X1_xii portfolio
Good day

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