Recruiting Modellers, Mao builders

Bleach Community + Steven Universe Community:
Hello, I’m pixel a scripter for a SU game and a bleach game thats tests are opening soon :>
I’m working alone for the most part but I do have a friend who helps me, he does art and guis.
I do the scripting, Model making ect but I’m looking for a helping hand for a upcoming Bleach game
which will hopefully leave APLHA phase in 4-5 weeks,

As of rn I’m the only dev with also
the help of @DGHL Artz#2121 on discord.

You can see the games progress if you
DM me on discord, Remeber you must be 13+ to
be on discord. My discord tag is
Mononoke#0291 and the studio’s
main discord server is

About The Job

I am looking for a skilled enough builder [Maps] or [Meshes/models] but you can always improve
while working. [If you make GFX’s you would be great help but I don’t really need a GFX maker
since I can make good GFX’s myself but the more work done the better :>]
In this job I expect everyone to be active in the discord we have a very friendly community, You
should be working 3 days a week at least but you can take it slow and relax I just want some help
to speed this up so I can finish up with APLHA.

  • You will be building maps, A LOT of swords lol, get Hairs and other accessories.


I am just looking for friendly help, however for the people who do decide to help
and deserve pay I will make sure to pay them 5-10k robux depending on how much
work they do before the APHA release, which will hopefully make 20-60k robux.

Contact Us

Contact me on discord , my tag is Mononoke#0291 .
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading,
this bleach game will be fire :blush:


interessed added you on discord

I sent you the request, to speak more privately

Interested in doing some GFX, message me if you’re interested so I can send you my portfolio.

Hello, I’m a new builder but I know you have to make a great first impression! Always double check what you write to make sure it is professional.

Sounds interesting! I have sent you a friend request on discord but I don’t have anything to show though… xD how about I make a sword and show it to you and see if it looks good? My discord name is THM500#2652. Btw is the post still open?

Hey, i’d like to apply for modeler
(i’d contact you through discord but the link is expired, and i don’t want to add you as a friend if you don’t even need any more modelers)

Previous work : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeller | Red1Monster

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