Rectangular good-looking trees?

So, I was wondering if anyone here, and obviously someone will do, knows how to make good looking rectangular trees.Or any tips! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s what I made, any ways of making it better looking?



Imo there’s no design better than others. It all depends on your game. The tree you made looks like it’ll go in a cartoony game. It all just depends on what style you want to go for.

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There have been a couple tree related threads recently, might be worth checking them out


I know those, and uh I contributed as well to those threads, I was looking for rectangular-shaped trees only.

Your rectangle trees look amazing, though to determine whether it’s suitable all depends on the environment it would be placed in. If the terrain were ROBLOX bricks (smooth plastic), then those would perfectly fit in. If it were ROBLOX terrain, it may need some textures to better adjust to the environment.


Oh ok my bad

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Looks like you’re making a low poly game. Looks good for a low poly game game.
What does catch me off just slightly is this:
That wide space could probably be changed or add another rectangle within that one.

Looks good though :smiley: