Reference Roblox Integration for Blender

Truly amazing! I cannot believe this is something we’re able to do now. This is going to help me IMMENSELY while I learn Blender.

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Hmm, I’m unable to reproduce this error during login. Are you continuing to see this error still?

After installing the Blender plugin, the Roblox Studio 3D IMPORT menu does not work when clicked.

The Blender plugin runs exclusively within Blender and has nothing to do with Studio, so that would be an unrelated issue.

I solved the problem That phenomenon occurred when I changed the menu to a language other than English, so I changed the menu to English, so it was solved.

I have installed the roblox plugin in blender but I have received this error on five different browsers after trying to log in:

I am on windows 10 and not using a VPN. Tried with blender 3.4 and latest 3.6

Firefox was unique and gave this error instead: (even with all extensions disabled)