Region3 doesn't work

local RegionPunkt1 = script.Parent.RegionPunkt1
local RegionPunkt2 = script.Parent.RegionPunkt2

local Region = - (RegionPunkt1.Size / 2), RegionPunkt2.Position + (RegionPunkt2.Size / 2))

while wait() do
    local Parts = workspace:FindPartsInRegion3(Region)
    for _, v in pairs(Parts) do

I’ve no idea why it doesnt work. Thanks for help!

You should give Zones Plus a look. Not sure exactly what you are going for but it’s very open to what it allows you to do with Regions.

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I’ve given ZonePlus a look and it’s too much for what I am trying to do. I am just trying to detected if a player is in a Region and I want to learn something. Learning from what I do is the main reason why I try to do the most by myself.

Ensure that each component of both vectors is in the proper order

For region3s, the first position has to be lower in the X, Y and Z directions

For example:,3,9),,2,12))
Is invalid because 3 is greater than 2