Region3 is not working

In my perspective, I would like this script to detect any players/parts that are moving. However, the problem is that the output does not show anything (no parts, player parts, etc.) There are no errors or prints in the output as I know.

local RegionFolder = workspace.RegionScripts.KoriyocRegion
local Point1 = RegionFolder.Part.Position
local Point2 = RegionFolder.Part2.Position
local Region =,Point2.X),math.min(Point1.Y,Point2.Y),math.min(Point1.Z,Point2.Z))),Point2.X),math.max(Point1.Y,Point2.Y),math.max(Point1.Z,Point2.Z))

for _,Part in pairs(game.Workspace:FindPartsInRegion3(Region,nil,math.huge)) do

If you just want something that works: Rotated Region 3 Module