Region3 Leave Help

Hey guys,

Im trying to make a gui appear when someone enters a region3 and i did it the only problem is that I can’t make it disappear when they leave the region3.

Sadly i cant post the code cuz im on phone but region3’s are kinda same so no need of code…

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

You should get on a computer and post the code :slight_smile: How could anyone help otherwise?

I don’t understand your problem. If the player is in the Region3, set the GUI to visible. If they’re not, set the GUI to not visible. Repeat every frame.

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Ok ty, im not home and i dont have wifi i have mobile data and hotspot isnt working for me, so yeah anyways i tried a diff method and it works now…

Btw there really isnt a function when something leaves a region3 only when theres something in it

Check out my response here :wink:

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