Regression: "Find In All Scripts" widget extremely long and blurry text



The “Find in all scripts” widget is extremely elongated towards the right, and has blurry text, making it really hard to use.

See the following screenshot:

In the screenshot, it is spanning over 2 screens seemingly, but I can actually drag this to the right for 2 minutes straight and I still don’t see the end. I only have to assume it’s several hundreds of screens wide for whatever reason.


Studio version: 0. 363. 0. 258465
Windows 10, latest version as of Nov 15, 2018

Additional Info

This started occurring some days ago (earlier this week), not sure exactly what day/time.

It was briefly not occurring a day and a bit ago, and is now occurring again.

cc @WhoBloxedWho because they also had the problem I believe


This regression has still not been addressed.

It’s impossible to close the widget too because the close button cannot be reached, so you have to search to close it.

EDIT: Seems solved now, I’m assuming some FFlag was flipped?