Release Notes for 448

Notes for Release 448


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class AssetCounterService : Instance [NotCreatable] [Service] [NotReplicated]

Added Property int64 Instance.SourceAssetId {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Hidden] [NotReplicated]
Added Property Enum<InterpolationThrottlingMode> Workspace.InterpolationThrottling {✏️PluginSecurity}

Added Enum InterpolationThrottlingMode
	Added EnumItem InterpolationThrottlingMode.Default : 0
	Added EnumItem InterpolationThrottlingMode.Disabled : 1
	Added EnumItem InterpolationThrottlingMode.Enabled : 2

Added EnumItem TextInputType.PasswordShown : 6
Added EnumItem TextInputType.Username : 7

Changed the category of Property Studio.Show CorePackages 
	from: "Advanced"
	  to: "Explorer"

Changed the category of Property Studio.Show FileSyncService 
	from: "Advanced"
	  to: "Explorer"

Removed Property GameSettings.HardwareMouse
Removed Property GameSettings.BubbleChatLifetime
Removed Property GameSettings.BubbleChatMaxBubbles
Removed Property GameSettings.ChatScrollLength
Removed Property GameSettings.CollisionSoundEnabled
Removed Property GameSettings.CollisionSoundVolume
Removed Property GameSettings.MaxCollisionSounds
Removed Property GameSettings.SoftwareSound
Removed Property GuiService.RenderHumanoidBillboards

Removed Enum UploadSetting
	Removed EnumItem UploadSetting.Never
	Removed EnumItem UploadSetting.Ask
	Removed EnumItem UploadSetting.Always

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Well, there goes some settings that I found “useful” or “pointless” when working inside Roblox studio.

Thank you and thank god this has been fixed for the Future lighting! I’ve always had problems with this when working with lampposts and lighting examples in some of my projects and showcases that contain the grass decoration, it made the grass look brighter and uglier at the same time, hope it goes live anytime soon.

By the way, what is InterpolationThrottlingMode and how does it work with Roblox physics and such, it is for the VehicleSeat Instance or something else that I’m missing for this, my guess is that it might have to do with “Cars” or something with physics?


Does this still allow you to use but pass foo as the first argument to compensate?


Yes, the warning detects cases where the code as you wrote it doesn’t type-check, but changing . to : makes it type-check. So would still work, if bar indeed expects self object as the first argument.


These settings were not hooked up to anything, and so setting them did not have any effect on Studio :)


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