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So… if I were playing from the international space station, would it account for relativistic effects?


It’s likely to assume the clocks tick at the same rate, and as packets come in, it’ll try to catch up (late and smoothly). It can predict with some error, the latency involved for the packet to travel across the network assuming the time it takes to travel both ways are the same, but not really to predict relativistic effects, different network paths, slower paths or time drift due to the clock technology’s precision.


Unfortunately we’ll have to leave that for version 2 :slight_smile:


Is this going to be changed to use seconds like you mentioned Player:GetNetworkPing() was changed to, or, is the precision actually high enough that using floats would end up having a negative impact on precision that people might not want?


Uhh… yikes. Might have to wait a bit longer on that API being turned on. It was indeed intended to return seconds.


Had a chance to look at the behavior of this and I’m noticing it always selects the workspace, even if I’m undoing something I deleted that was deeply nested, which is definitely not the top level restored instance. Wanted to mention since it seems unintentional.


Got repro steps? It works correctly for me. Also maybe one of your plugins is conflicting with the behavior, have you tried with plugins disabled?

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It was happening with StudioTweaks, I dissected it and narrowed it down to this, which cause the issue to happen with all plugins disabled:

  • Make this


  • Run this in the command bar
  • Delete the highlighted model

  • Ctrl Z to undo, the workspace will be selected.

This no longer happens if you add game:GetService("ChangeHistoryService"):SetWaypoint("Created collision group") after creating the collision group (or modifying it with CollisionGroupSetCollidable). The issue happens because the collision group is removed as part of the undo operation.

Having undo remove the collision group is fine and my plugin accounts for that if it’s missing at any point, and I can patch this in my plugin by setting a waypoint, but it’s still strange that this somehow interferes with setting the Selection.


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