Release Notes for 575

Exciting! I’m eager to start using the new wedge enums soon!

UIScale working correctly with AutomaticSize was also a much needed upgrade for us! Can’t wait for these two to go LIVE!


Question unrelated to this release note but important non the less. “FindFirstDesendant” was added to the API around a year ago (if I’m not mistaken) but has stayed disabled ever since, when will we see it enabled?


Why wouldn’t :FindFirstChild(“x”, true) work?


It’s really neat that Roblox is going back to these old instances and upgrading them to match new behaviours. I really hope to see the deprecation of WedgePart and CornerWedgePart, as this property of Part is much easier to manage.

On another note, can we get more info on SharedTable and SharedTableService?


Wow, I didn’t expect this:


This could be very useful for VR games! Maybe I’ll continue mine?

Could somebody show what this inconsistent behavior looked like? I know of a few issues with AutomaticSize, but what is this one?


There will be an announcement and documentation on it, it’s for shared data access between Parallel Luau Actors on different threads.


That’s a bittersweet announcement for me, as I was really hoping we finally had a proper solution to share table data between actors, the server, and the client. I have a custom one, but a Roblox implementation can always handle more edge cases, and be more efficient than I can.




Highlight now displays correctly on Parts with transparency.

Yes :happy2: I’ve been waiting for this. I hope it gets out of pending soon.


Is this also the case with a ScrollingFrame AutomaticCanvasSize? Current behavior when using UIScale on a ScrollingFrame with AutomaticCanvasSize to Y results in being unable to the scroll to the end of the child elements unlike where you can if UIScale was not being used.


Jumping in here to say that the Changelog release status doesn’t always match reality.

Click me for details!

Each ‘Pending’ change reads a specific FFlag behind the scenes, and sometimes a feature is turned on through a different FFLag. This results in the feature being active, but the changelog saying ‘Pending’. Occasionally an FFlag gets re-named before it ever gets flipped, which caused the changelog entry to stay ‘Pending’ forever.

That it shows up at all in the Release Notes means you should expect it to be flipped on before the end of the week. (The entire changelog is usually live, at worst, five days after the Release Notes get posted.)

That being said…

…Am I dreaming? Did someone at Roblox finally install SteamVR? What was the usecase that justified having this change? Not having a floor was always the thing that made VR games impossible to design because sense of scale was impossible to determine without using ugly hacks that were prone to abuse, and there were feature requests for this pretty much ever since Roblox VR existed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy. This feature came along quite a bit late, but I’m still happy.


I hope so, I’ve been having that issue for a while

How long after that will we be getting localsafe properties for instances parented under the same actor? This is all really exciting!


One is BFS, one is DFS. The difference between the two is whether or not depth or breadth is prioritized. One will check children of children first, the other will check siblings of children first. (I am sure this will be better clarified on the docs btw)

This can have minor performance implications in some contexts, and I’m sure there is some justification for it, plus FindFirstDescendant being a slight bit more obvious.


I checked and we don’t plan to enable it. It will be cleaned up to not show up.


How long after that will we be getting localsafe properties for instances parented under the same actor?

Hi @Prototrode,
This is something we definitely want to enable. We recently did some work to support this, but determined that there were various complications that made the approach we were using unsafe. There is a more general (but also longer term) solution to this problem that is planned, but we don’t have a firm release date for the change.


Question about update 576:

There isn’t an official post for update 576, so I figured I would ask here.
The upcoming update, 576, deprecates DevEnableMouseLock and EnableMouseLockOption.

Could someone explain the reasoning behind this action and whether or not it will be superseded by a different method? Developers are still able to disable MouseLock through server scripts. However, its current state makes it inaccessible to users who wish to configure it from StarterPlayer.

Thank you for any information you can provide! :smile:



Not to shotgun-post, but some of the changes with AutomaticSize’s behavior have produced bugs- one of which I’ve been able to reproduce and report.

There is another bug that I haven’t been able to reproduce related to TextBounds reporting double/triple the size necessary for a size-restricted automatically sizing Text GuiObject that makes the GuiObject resize to meet the TextBounds.

If I manage to reproduce that one, I’ll make another bug report & update my post here to reference it.


When we added this API the intention was to create parity with other find first APIs. We also know there are other APIs we might want to introduce such as FindFirstDescendantWhichIsA but doing so would bloat the instance API unnecessarily. Given this we felt it was better not to ship FindFirstDescendant at all and reevaluate whether we should be taking an entirely different approach to these APIs.


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