Release Notes for 575

Question about update 576:

There isn’t an official post for update 576, so I figured I would ask here.
The upcoming update, 576, deprecates DevEnableMouseLock and EnableMouseLockOption.

Could someone explain the reasoning behind this action and whether or not it will be superseded by a different method? Developers are still able to disable MouseLock through server scripts. However, its current state makes it inaccessible to users who wish to configure it from StarterPlayer.

Thank you for any information you can provide! :smile:



Not to shotgun-post, but some of the changes with AutomaticSize’s behavior have produced bugs- one of which I’ve been able to reproduce and report.

There is another bug that I haven’t been able to reproduce related to TextBounds reporting double/triple the size necessary for a size-restricted automatically sizing Text GuiObject that makes the GuiObject resize to meet the TextBounds.

If I manage to reproduce that one, I’ll make another bug report & update my post here to reference it.


When we added this API the intention was to create parity with other find first APIs. We also know there are other APIs we might want to introduce such as FindFirstDescendantWhichIsA but doing so would bloat the instance API unnecessarily. Given this we felt it was better not to ship FindFirstDescendant at all and reevaluate whether we should be taking an entirely different approach to these APIs.


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