Release Notes for 606

When reloading a single plugin or all plugins, the Output window will automatically be cleared to make any fresh output from the new run of the plugin(s) stand out clearly.

Can this be made as a setting? If I want to ensure that my plugin’s unloading capabilities are working, this has now become quite a bit more difficult. There’s already a “Clear output on start” option. So maybe a “Clear output on plugin reload” option? Wouldn’t mind if it defaulted to true, but it would be nice to have the ability to toggle this.




bunch of performance improvements and i like it, keep it up!!

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Is this a practical concern you ran into and could share or just a theoretical worry?

I’m having trouble imagining what you would need to test here beyond statically created Instances being removed which you can easily see without the output. It’s not like you can safely save to the DataStore or network in your Unloading handler.

What if I clear the output before the unloading handler gets run?


Isn’t LuaCow usually the one who gives us the release notes?


This release notes had to be manually assembled thanks to weird release dynamics around the holiday season and person who did that isn’t the usual one (also why it came after the 607 one).


This fellow has a killer avatar though, I’m not complaining.


I was always annoyed by this, finally it’s fixed. :heart:


Bad news is it caused a regression and had to be disabled, so it’s not actually Live yet, it needs some amendments.


I see.
Could you explain to me what a regression means in this context? Just want to fully understand what you mean.
I understand to regress means to return to a previous state, but how does that apply here?
Sorry for the inconvenience. :smile:


You can generally read “caused a regression” as “It fixed what it was trying to fix but broke something else that was previously working correctly”.


Hope the team had a end of december holiday!
Looking forward to all the beta’s coming out this year, roblox as an engine is beginning to get a little closer to the usability and moreover customizability of more mainstream engines. Keep up the good work!

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Glad that they fixed the PivotTo() glitch, that has confused me several times

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Yup, 0.6s sounds like not a big deal but sometimes for me it would get stuck resulting in 10s+ wait

Finally, I don’t have to figure out what instance I printed anymore.


this is actually insanely useful, if i were to add all the time up i prob would save around 25 minutes a day when I’m testing.

Theoretical. I’m just thinking of anyone who tries to use plugin.Unloading for the first time isn’t sure if/when the function is being run. Printing is the way to quickly figure this out & confirm code is running. E.g.

   print("Did this work?")

The cleanup work might be non-visible stuff too, e.g. disconnecting events.

Clearing the output before unloading might just cause confusion if a plugin does dump a lot of info to the console on unload.

Idk, maybe a non-issue overall!


AKA: average dev’s worst nightmare that no can seem to fix and you spend hours and hours trying to find the line that caused the error only to see it was inside another script and then you fix that one and it breaks something else and you just eventually wonder what the meaning of life is and considering quitting development and then you reload into playtest one more time and then it fixes itself at the last possible moment only to leave playtest and discover it’s broken again and really WHYY are we here?


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FYI this one should be rolling out now. The difference is night and day.

Probably…but I’m not sure. Please check, and if it doesn’t, let me know (ideally in a bug report, but if you can’t then a private message) and it is usually pretty easy to fix up.


Oh, my bad… I forgot I actually implemented this to do the clear before unloading in the first place!

So if you print or get an error when unloading you should still see it.