[Release] Platformer character controller


Thank you, Kanye. Very cool!

In all seriousness, this is great. Thanks for sharing this with us!


This is some hot stuff, I’ve looked into making a Platformer Game with stuff like this, but I’m a very inefficient Coder myself. Will look into this & try to learn stuff, thank you!


Awesome! But seems to have glitches

is this supposed to happen?


It is not, but i can’t say ive ever had that happen. It likely has to do with the character look at code. You can disable it for the time being. In order to fix it though ill need repro steps.



Tried disabling it but still doesn’t work


Hmm, not quite sure what the issue is then. I tried loading in your avatar and had no problems. I’m afraid I won’t be able to help further unless you can provide the steps needed to get a repro. Sorry :frowning:


I love this! The movement and animations are so smooth! Great work!


Just edited this (the character look towards camera thing) to make the player look towards the mouse, as well as having the arms move with any tools equipped!


Looking good!