Releasing Character Physics Controllers

Please post this in #bug-reports, ideally with a file that reproduces the bug.

Hey just a question, thanks to this new release, is it possible to do something like this

(A part but with a sphere Collider)

I might sound dumb rn, but just curious.

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Hey-I’m running into this same issue! Can you elaborate what you mean by “rebuild the character”?

By “rebuild the character” I mean disabling the Motor6D.Active property and re-enabling it at least a frame after.

Unless I’m getting extremely lucky, it looks like I was able to fix the issue by never disabling the Root and Waist joints.

Yeah, when I was trying to reproduce the issue I felt like those were the issue, but for ragdolls I need to disable them, or else it looks funky.

Interesting. My ragdolls look fine with them on.

This happened to me as well around the same time you posted this. It seems like it was fixed for a while, but the bug suddenly started happening to me again overnight. Very infuriating as nothing I do seems to have an effect.

any updates on updirection being worked on? i found a partially working fflag for it but it has the tendency to set my position to nan (usually when being set straight up on a 90 degree angle which also occurs in my custom updirection implementation)

should i develop with this fflag enabled risking behavioural changes or just put my gameplay part of the game on hold for a bit, working on ui and other stuff instead for the time being


I feel like the GroundController’s GroundOffset property is seemingly doing everything it possibly can (including rotating the character out of balance) in order to maintain the distance it is set to when moving into vertically tight spaces.

A “fix” for it at the moment is just setting BalanceRigidityEnabled to Enabled, however this setting fully removes the fluidity of the controller, making it seem as if it’s almost being CFramed into balancing, which also causes random bursts of high velocity moving into tight spaces and looks really unappealing. Currently the Humanoid does the job a lot better as it just stops moving into a direction of a vertically tight space, not causing any imbalance to the character either. Meanwhile, the GroundController never stops. This is sort of tied to the Friction setting as well, as higher values do not allow the character to balance itself at all. Only on incredibly weak values it allows the character to balance itself, but this makes the controller unusable.

Is it something that could be fixed, similar to how Humanoid works regarding this?


That is something we should not have to worry about doing when using the Character Controller. Fixing all the motor issues should really be up there in the Controller priorities.

Is it possible to add an option to stop the character from affecting unanchored parts when walking on them?

UpDirection has been promised for a very long time.
Is this planning to come out any time soon? Or is it worth to just custom implement this feature?
The feature seems pretty much finished by enabled FFlags.


Is there a reason you can’t access it from the GroundSensor ControllerSensor object under the character’s root part? There’s a property called SensedPart with a direct reference to the part that the character is standing on.

if you’re working with only parts then this works fine, but it gets a lot more complicated with terrain as you basically have to raycast it for an accurate result

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Somehow I skipped over the Terrain part of their reply. My bad.

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I’ve also got to nitpick about the fact that characters don’t move up slopes correctly by an offset, especially in diagonal directions. But also merely walking along the edges of the corner wedge causes one to stick to them rather than walk across.

Why do large characters have issues turning around? Even with the highest friction settings on the character controller, large characters will look like they are slipping when they turn around and they overshoot where they’re meant to be looking.

tbh big and small, any character seems to have this issue.

A way to adjust how fast or slow momentum decays on the character with MaintainLinearMomentum or MaintainAngularMomentum would be great. Some sort of multiplier, maybe?