Reliable Way to detect when a Player enters a Zone?

Hello, I’m the build guy, and I’m looking for a reliable way to see when a player enters/exits a zone. The .Touched event is not reliable, and is too buggy. Any help?

You can use magnitude to detect if a player is inside the area

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Region3 is gonna be your friend for this, I recommend checking out the article here.

To explain how it works really quick so you can get an understanding it basically creates a box shape using two points (the bottom left and the top right for example). Then from there it uses that box to see if the player is inside or not, its a great way to play certain songs in certain areas.

If you want a tutorial video AlvinBlox has one that goes a little into depth of it.


The two other most common ways are:

  • Region3 (Good video about it here)
  • Magnitude (Vector3a - Vector3b).Magnitude <= distance
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Use this.