Reminder about IP


“You get copyright protection automatically - you don’t have to apply or pay a fee. There isn’t a register of copyright works in the UK.” - Government Website


Is this suggesting that was trademark/copyright/register our Roblox items?


Companies still have to register their copyrights internationally if they intend on pursuing a claim overseas with a lawsuit or something along those lines.


Roblox items are your creative property and therefore come under copyright. By creating it on Roblox they have some rights to it which I think are in the ToS


Roblox have a license to your material, I’m not sure exactly what the license covers or to what extent.


So basically, by uploading anything, we automatically have some sort of copyright protection on it?


Yes, but you wouldn’t be able to pursue infringement with court action without registering in countries that require registration.


In the UK at least yes. Even if you draw a photo in real life I believe you have copyright protection on it


Roblox does not provide any sort of copyright/trademark on your work. The content you create on Roblox has the default copyright/trademark/etc that is provided to IP internationally/by your country. I.e. it has the same protections as a picture you drew in your room.


So BASICALLY then, this is kind of encouraging us to pursue our own copyright protection.


Only if you intend on suing or taking legal action against people who infringe on your original work. You can still issue takedown notices, regardless of registration.


No. The first part of the announcement is saying that while your IP has default copyright/etc, you grant Roblox a license to use that IP on their site. Otherwise they wouldn’t legally be able to have your game/models on the site.


That would be the intent. Yes.


Their license can be pretty much summed up as, “Roblox can do anything with your content except make games.”

They can use it forever, wherever, through any medium with any other works. They can let anyone else use it for anything. The only thing they cannot use it for and cannot let others use it for is to make video games.

Not just by uploading, but by creating. You don’t need to upload to Roblox to have copyright protection. Just making something – whether it’s digital art, a Roblox model, a painting, music, a program, a Lua script, or any other creative work – gives you copyright protection. It doesn’t matter where you upload it, with the exception that uploading it usually grants who you’re uploading it to some rights to your work to display it or market their site using it.


I think they’re reminding everyone that just because its a kids game platform laws on intellectual property still apply and their terms reflect that. I think it’s also possibly saying that they will try to keep players sticking to these rules? Possibly


Yeah I’m talking more about it on the level of other people using it without permission. Based on this, Roblox doesn’t protect against that unless you officially file for copyright/trademark on your own.


I’m not sure how true this is, they have a separate licensing agreement for things like toys.


DMCA entitles you to filing a DMCA takedown without pursuing any additional copyright registration.


And that, answers my question. Thank you!


Don’t think they are required to make a new license for them? Just they are nice/use common sense so do?

Roblox use the Work at a Pizza Place characters in quite a bit of marketing… Wonder how that works out…