Reminder about IP


Fair enough. I’m a little new to copyright, so thanks for the further clarification.


Can we not bring this up again?


I believe the license involves Roblox having control of what is shown on the platform and the right to remove content from their platform if deemed inappropriate. This is just memory from an RDC Talk on Roblox Toys, which requires Roblox to form a seperate license where they own the rights to the toys.

(Just from memory pls dont quote me)


I always wondered how a specific Roblox group was able to file a copyright/DMCA takedown on a YouTube video regarding severe trolling and whatnot of their places. Guess this is an explanation.


On that day, mankind received a grim reminder.




This is new


Is this for games only? Wouldn’t that be just uncopylocked?


This must have to do with the new IP TOS rules which makes it against the rules to take things from peoples games.


Not really, there are no “new” rules (notice “Reminder” in thread title). It is just the “copylocked” setting renamed to be better for UX. The added description just describes the copylocked functionality and attached rules that we already know.


Same goes with assets in general. Any button associated with making something free domain was changed to “Copying”. I like this better than the old option with no further explanation other than “make this free or no”


Yeah no I just sent 3 DMCA’s to roblox for a few textures of mine that I made from scratch that were being reuploaded to Roblox. But Roblox totally ignored it going we do not take down third party assets when it wasn’t 3rd party so meh they only do it for popular games.