Remote Event Problem For a Placer Tool (Again/Remake)

So, i was Actually Working on Placer Tool That Allows us to Spawn any Objects if we want!

i made an gui and i programmed it and i tested out, i press L on my keyboard The Gui Popped up, and i Typed Name TextBox to “Sans” and i Typed Delay TextBox to “5” For Example, and i clicked Select Button, Nothing Happens. And i Actually don’t have a clue how to fix it.

Server Script:

local Storage = game.ReplicatedStorage.PlacerStorage:GetChildren()

script.Parent.RemoteEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Player, Character)
	Character:FindFirstChild("Placer").Selected.Value = Storage[script.Parent.NameLabel.TextBox.Text]
	Character:FindFirstChild("Placer").PlaceDelay.Value = script.Parent.DelayLabel.TextBox.Text

Local Script:

local Storage = game.ReplicatedStorage.PlacerStorage
local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local ItemStorage = Storage:GetChildren()
local Character = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
local Storage = game.ReplicatedStorage.PlacerStorage

	if Storage:FindFirstChild(script.Parent.NameLabel.TextBox.Text) == nil then
		script.Parent.ErrorOutput.Text = "No Such Item Exists"
	elseif Player.Character:FindFirstChild("Placer") == nil then
		script.Parent.ErrorOutput.Text = "Please Equip The Placer Before Pressing Select Button"
		local Character = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:Wait()

for i=1, #ItemStorage do
	local StorageText = game.ReplicatedStorage.ViewportFrame:Clone()
	StorageText.Parent = script.Parent.StorageFrame
	StorageText.TextLabel.Text = ItemStorage[i].Name
	local item = ItemStorage[i]:Clone()
	item.Parent = StorageText
	item:PivotTo(, script.Parent.PositionTarget.Value.Y, script.Parent.PositionTarget.Value.Z))

Someone Please any solutions?


hey can you send a bit more context, like where you put your scripts, where your RemoteEvent is etc…
just a few screenshots

oh yeah, here’s a screenshot:

that’s my tool i was working on.

your server script probably won’t run because it’s in the tool.
Also would be alot better if you put all your remote functions/remote events in replicated storage in a folder.


wait. Oh It Only Works on ReplicatedStorage, ok That make scene!

The starter pack nor the replicated storage are in the workspace or server script service

Oh One More Thing, Here’s is my Design of
My Model Selection GUI:

did the problem get solved?

unfortunately, still nothing happens, i was very confused why RemoteEvent didn’t do anything for some reason

Also Here’s an Example Video Without RemoteEvent:

And Yeah, i Selected a Dream For Example, Any Scripts didn’t Run When Cloned on Local Script, and Dream’s Body Parts Fallen When Cloned, That’s the Problem Actually.

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So Anyways Next Solution Please.

I don’t know much about spawning models but this will probably help How do I make a model spawn in front of me when I press a button?