Remove lounge Off-Topic

Who thinks the lounge should be kept on topic to keep questionable post off the forum.

  • Remove Lounge Off-Topic
  • Keep Lounge Off-Topic

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We should be allowed to ask any sorts of questions as long as they’re not incredibly stupid.

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Keep in mind you can mute categories that aren’t useful to you.


Seems to me like people post more questionable topics outside the Off-Topic subcategory. All forums need a place for members to relax and discuss things besides work; some people may make bad posts now and then, but eliminating off-topic discussion is not going to fix that.

I think it’s necessary, just misused. The way I see it, it should be used as a kind of #development-discussion for non-Roblox discussions. Right now, it often gets filled with unnecessary and nonconstructive threads.

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Even the developers need to discuss about things not related to Roblox Developing. I think it would be pretty stupid to remove it. But we need to keep in mind that we shouldn’t abuse/spam the off-topic category, by adding irrelevant topics.


Off topic is fine for things like “spacex rocket launched” or “Superbowl discussion” – things people would be generally interested in. The problem we’ve always had is people interpret off-topic as “No rules. I can shitpost here!” and we get threads like “do you like the letter a or b better?” – those are already against the “intelligent” lounge rule, but some threads are more subjective in quality than others. The forum staff would have to be the arbitrators of whether a thread was useful to the community or not, and I’m sure not many would be a fan of that.


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