Remove New Members' ability to reply in bug reports

The like button is a general case idea for “good post”, having specific buttons helps reduce this margin of “do the community think it’s a good post, or do they actually want this feature?”. It’d be kind of like retweeting but a bit less obnoxious. Maybe add their own reasons so, if Roblox wanted to, they could read other users’ opinions on the matter without it clogging up or bumping the thread, pushing others out the way.

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There are already alot of restrictions on new members. What about the new members who actually have something important that they need to report? Also, FYI the only way to become Regular is to do bug reports, so you are taking away our promotion.

Not bug reports only. Also feature requests. You don’t need to specifically reply to existing bug reports, you can make your own provided one doesn’t already exist.

I am honestly sick of “can confirm” replies and it makes it very hard to read an entire thread.

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Because they are (to paraphrase the founders of Discourse) new, they are sandboxed to protect themselves and the full community from spam and bad content.

I’m not going to repeat incapz’s point in response to your other argument.

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The post approval team already has alot of work. Throwing this task on them would mean they would need to expand their very selective team of trusted members to a rushed team of people that might not be so trustworthy. I can personally name a few mobile bugs that could help mobile players if I caught them on video. But adding extra security is not the way to go. Instead we can just flag the post, as that is the purpose of flaging.

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