Remove user flairs completely or add a feature to hide them

Does Discource have the feature to hide flairs, if not, Roblox can’t do this.

I’m not sure. Even if Discourse doesn’t have it, Roblox employs software engineers that have done quite a lot of custom apps for the DevForum. They’d be able to do it.

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i’m not sure if i want user flairs to be removed on devforum since i like this small feature, but maybe there should be like a setting in Preferences where you can’t view other people’s flairs

Something like this would be nicer, since its not all up in your face

(flair icon by name instead of by icon)

(made the image in like a minute lol, just a concept image so its not great)

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I vastly prefer this solution - I find the current flairs way too distracting and bold, to the point it drowns out the flairs on official staff members and other important people.


Eh, that makes them more redundant than they already are. At that point they should just be removed entirely.