Removing terminated players data because of roblox's request?

I heard that if a terminated player has a data store in your game roblox will send you an email requesting to remove their data store from your game and if you dont comply they will ban you or delete your game or something? is this true?

Can you tell where you got that from?

heard in a discord server i am in and when researching it on dev forum i found some people also got an email from roblox

I do not know if this is true, but it should not be a problem any way. If Roblox ever sends you a message asking you to delete a user’s data, you have to do it. Regardless of if the user is terminated, or simply just wants their data deleted.

About moderation if you dont comply with the request:

What is the punishment? We don’t know, it could vary from each missed deletion, etc. But just comply and you should be fine.

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