Rename “VIP Servers” to “Private Servers”

There is one thing that is still really annoying and does not fit the current brand movement and remains confusing to first time players.

For quite a while now, the term “VIP Server” has been outdated and does not really mean the same thing it did when they were first introduced. The Roblox community generally uses them to play with friends and have a good time without having to deal with randoms.

I would like to propose that we change the wording and move away from “VIP” and instead use “Private” because it more closely reflects what exactly they are and it is easily conveyed to the general public.

With the new sort that just went up today next to the name they have “10 Robux VIP” which, if I was a first time Roblox user, would certainly confuse me.

Update to the last part about the new sort: I’ve been seeing a significant number of DEVELOPERS be confused by this… if long time devs are being confused, can you imagine what the general population is thinking? “10 Robux Private Servers”, would make a lot more sense overall.


I’m a nine year Roblox user and it confused me anyway. Especially since “VIP” is a term historically used to describe what is usually referred to as “premium” these days.


Private server makes much more sense to me as a player

If I buy a VIP server its for the sole purpose of playing by either myself, or playing with my friends and I privately. Hence “Private” being a better, and less confusing branding of the feature.


Totally agree with this, VIP server does not really make sense.

Also would be nice if Roblox allowed private servers on paid access games.


Yeah, I think this change would be suitable for how the message is trying to conveyed. VIP sounds exclusive and out of reach which doesn’t fit the meaning at all in my opinion.


Bumping again because “VIP servers” now have the option to be made free.

Continuing to use the outdated phrasing will confuse players. It needs to change.


While I agree that VIP servers should have better name, I am against “Private Servers”.

Changing the name to that would lead to even more confusion - see:

I think creating something original (maybe Roblox brand related just like Robux) would suit that better.

Bloxverses maybe?


How is ‘Private Server’ at all confusing? That term is used everywhere outside of this platform, and the name itself is self-explanatory - it is a server that is private. I don’t think convoluting the name with something even more confusing like ‘blox-verses’ is a great idea.


Currently “private server” is used (practically in scripting) in context of reserved servers, which would suggest you can teleport a player to the VIP server - misleading and confusing at some way.


Reserved servers should be renamed to just that - ‘reserved servers’.


That could be a solution too, I agree with that.


The API already has VIP Servers called as “PrivateServer”, which gives me a feeling Roblox had a minimal amount of thought that they could end up being named or renamed to Private Servers in the future.

There is actually nothing preventing this change, unlike some other changes that have been proposed in the past.



Also wanted to note that in our games we have a ‘VIP system’, like many other games. VIP Servers can imply that they’re only for people with VIP or they’re exclusive in some sort of way.

This can be very confusing to new users that aren’t familiar with the platform.


Seems Roblox agreed with you :smile:

First, we’ve heard your feedback and decided to change the name of VIP Servers to Private Servers to better reflect the purpose of this feature: to create whitelisted and invite-only play sessions. It’s a small change, but it just makes more sense. Plus, you’re all VIPs in our book.


Thank you to everyone who supported this! Our mission is now complete!