Rendering the character with a ViewportFrame

Wow, you replied fast, I appreciate it!

What can I do to fix it though?

You think I remember what I wrote a year ago? Ha!

I wish you good luck! :smiley:


Welp. Anyways, thanks for responding though

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This is awesome and so nice of you for making it open source!

Is there a way to stop the current character in the VPF and add a new character later on in a function? If not no worries :slight_smile:

EDIT: I have found a solution, sorry for any inconveniences!

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Please help me fix this, basically when you equip an item it duplicates your character 8 times and puts it in the view port when you unequip it its 16 and so on.

This seems like a problem with your implementation, I’ve used this script tens of times with no problem.

rek_kie had the exact same problem, its when you equip tools.

I used your ViewportFrame model and it works great. One question I have is can we change the rotation of the camera, so it looks at the player from an angle instead of directly in front?

EDIT: I changed the local Offset = cf(-3, 2, -6) properties, at first realising the X axis moved the camera position left/right instead of orbiting the player.


Tried this and WOHOO does it lag…

If you equip a tool with alot of parts it lags an INSANE ammount.

This method of replicating the character in a ViewportFrame is outdated. After the release of WorldModel, you can now directly animate humanoids inside a viewportFrame.

unless boatbombers code uses a worldmodel

yeah this was in 2019 when viewports were relatively new and the methods were extremely hacky, do not use for any new work

Updated my post with a much better version. The issues surrounding quickly equipping complex tools should now be mitigated, and the code style is generally better and more readable.


Thank you again boatbomber for my most popular thread! I still use the concepts from your module in almost all of my projects

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how to make the viewportframe character rotatable 360

You’d do this the same way that you make anything rotatable, need some sort of input rather it be via GUI or pulling from another script and rotate the model that is being drawn.

A good first step would be looking into how the module works, and then you can add to it as you see fit!

As stated in the ViewPortFrame documentation, it is better to move the camera around the model instead.

is there also a may to makke it like stand in idle and dont move?

how do you make the character in idle position?
so it wouldnt run when you are running but stil will look 3D

Sorry for making another post on this thread (On that note, thank you all for your incredible brainstorming)

You’re better off making another thread to ask this Sketch, but here’s a simple solution.

  1. Make the game clone the player’s character, and then put in in the ViewportFrame.
  2. Create a Camera that will be adjusted to where you want the character to be, and also put in ViewportFrame.

If this does not work, please don’t reply- I think this is long enough already.

I’ve been using this for my game, but it seems to not work with the new layered clothing. I have been trying to work out how to solve it. Do you have any ideas?