[REOPENING SALE] Quaint | UI Designer for Hire!

Hello! My name is QuaintYoungT, but you can call me Quaint. I am a former graphic designer turned UI artist, and I primarily do work for roblox. I find enjoyment in helping developers improve their games and creating a sleek, professional, and intuitive interface for players.

Here are some examples of my best, past work. Some of the imagery used is not mine, and is used to showcase what the layout/interface could look like once filled in.

Pictures Here


I accept payment in a variety of forms; I accept Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Bitcoin, Solana, and Group Funds/Robux.

My current base price for a full game UI design is a MINIMUM of (SALE) $150 USD or 50k Robux after tax.
Please note that at least a 50% down payment MUST be made before I begin any project when paying in USD/Crypto. 100% must be paid upfront if paying with robux…
Importing and scaling in studio will cost an extra $100, bringing the total MINIMUM price to $250 if you are interested in getting the UI imported and scaled.
(Last price update: 1/26/22)

The best way to reach me is to contact me through discord: QuaintYoungT#5110
Otherwise, you can shoot me a message here on the dev forum or to my roblox profile: https://www.roblox.com/users/26400141/profile

Thank you for visiting this post, and considering hiring me as your UI Designer!

If you decide to hire me, please be prepared with a list of what you want, and some reference images if desired. This makes my job a whole lot easier and will help me reach a finished product quicker.


These looks amazing. I recommend him even though I have never purchased off him.


Just saying, the prices are Just way to high.


I appreciate the input. I think I have found success at this price, so I will be keeping it as so. I will probably have sales in the future however.


Thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Could you do maps? such as animated maps?

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I believe there are plugins that create minimaps for you in studio if that is what you are referring to.


2 spots left before I close commissions!

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Oooo, these are amazing. I love the UIs. Keep up the good work. :+1:


Thank you for the kind words! They mean a lot!

The quality you are getting for a mere 100$ is phenomenal. Quality Costs, and for 100$ for Entire game UI is a Massive Bargain. This quality of UI could still easily sell for 200$ to even 300$. While I have not personally commissioned Quaint, I am swiftly able to tell I should.


Wow, I am touched, this is so incredibly kind of you to say. Thank you much for this, it means a lot! Maybe I will increase the prices in the future.


New update to my portfolio for a dead by daylight style game!

Commissions reopened, but price increased due to high demand. Also now offering my services in return for robux.

Awesome stuff man! Great work at respectable prices.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment, every one means a lot and motivates me to continue doing better :slight_smile:

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Hey! I’ve added you on Disc, jx#0001.

Accepted your friend request, thank you for reaching out! Feel free to reply whenever you are able.

Sent you a Disc request. Kodiak9000#0001

These UI designs are amazing! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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