Repeat Chat History Script

I made this because I use chat commands to test things in my game, and I hated having to retype them over and over again in one session. But enough about me, introducing…

repeat chat history script

Simply put, this script stores messages you’ve said, and allows you to cycle through them all with the up/down arrow keys for resending them. Some other noteworthy features include:

  • Several easy-to-edit settings
  • :sparkles:documentation:sparkles:
  • controller support

Just drop the script into ReplicatedFirst or StarterPlayerScripts and you’re good to go. Otherwise, putting in StarterCharacterScripts will cause the message history to be wiped on death.

If you encounter any bugs, I’ll be happy to try and fix them. Happy developing!


This seems like a cool resource! What if there was a Ctrl Y + Ctrl Z system?


I appreciate the feedback! What do you mean by Ctrl + Y/Z system?

Like an undo/redo in the chat bar while you’re still typing (similar to the script editor etc)

Interesting idea. Might be a bit tricky to make, but I’ll give it a try.

This module by boatbomber has the exact thing if you’re looking for how to make it. I was making something like this a few months ago for my custom chat system and then I lost the source and was never able to update it.

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