Replace the share link with the normal Roblox domain

Currently when sharing a link to a game / place using the mobile app, it copies a link like this:

This looks extremely sketchy to someone who isn’t familiar with the mobile share link and can cause issues between people. The share link is also unnecessarily long, I don’t see why couldn’t have been used in its place.


I really would like to see this change happen! Most people are unaware that Roblox owns which leads to confusion when sharing anything from mobile.


this also isnt a page managed by roblox, it’s a page managed by box (which is a bit like dropbox) :cry:

This probably wouldn’t be any better since it’s not on, maybe or


I think you’re confused, what you quote is definitely a link managed by Roblox. Roblox owns


the problem is, does exist, but it’s an undocumented endpoint


I agree, this makes no sense. For years Roblox has tried to tell everyone that only is legitimate. Even with these efforts and even while was the only legitimate Roblox domain, a significant number of users have continued to fall victim to scams on other domains impersonating Roblox.

Introducing “creative” endpoints like (and worse makes scam websites attempting to impersonate official Roblox domains look more legitimate.

The introduction of this endpoint occurs to me as a massive judgement error by whoever made that decision, as it undermines (or rather, completely reverses) the official position that is the only legitimate Roblox domain.


Could this be put into consideration? I don’t see why this share domain is used as it doesn’t shorten URLs or have any other reason to exist. As stated in my original post the link does more harm than good as it does not look legitimate.


I was sent a link like this and immediately assumed it was a scam link until I remembered this thread existed, people like me might try to discourage others from clicking the link, leading people to believe that they’re recieving scam messages from friends, which, overall shouldn’t happen.


For anyone who doesn’t know it is owned by Roblox, / looks like a fake website or a scam. Roblox should really just make redirect to and use the normal Roblox website for sharing.


Roblox has updated it so now redirects to your homepage, but mobile share links still go to still results in an error

and is stilla ghost town


Recently Roblox made a security announcement and stated this:

If Roblox is actively stating that is the only official link to the site, why have they used a completely different domain for sharing games on mobile?

Mobile is the most popular platform that Roblox is played on; it feels silly to push this message out when so many users are on mobile and only have easy access to this share link.


Likely just an oversight or didn’t mention it for simplicity of the post. Maybe bring it up on there instead of here?

I brought it up under the announcement as well (I just wanted to give this a bump), but I made this topic almost 2 years ago and I still don’t understand why there has been no public acknowledgment from Roblox that this is even an official domain.