Replacing the default character with a custom character

You can test this yourself in Studio with a slingshot tool inserted from the Toolbox by renaming the joint under Torso.

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it looks like that was the problem, my custom characters have been merged with a customized body and didnt have all of those requirements. I did a test by replacing the custom character with a new “dummy” rig and the tool is finally working. I cant believe it took all day to find a solution and the main problem was a few missing parts. thank you.

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Anyone have advice for changing the player’s character to something else under a certain condition?
i.e Player has bought a gamepass granting them a special custom character for in game use that overwrites the default character
i.e 2 Game has character skins that can be purchased and overwrite the player’s character.

This topic could help:

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Oh, that’s nice! :thinking: