ReplayService - Replay Your Best Moments. Any Place, Any Time. (Pre-Release Version Available)

Heya! So I’m planning on pushing a fix today, but in the meantime, you can get the current build of the module by going to the Demo place and taking it out of ReplicatedStorage. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Just look what your plugin did: Maybe I did something wrong, but plugin should not do this anyway.

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That wouldn’t be a bug with ReplayService–it has nothing that happens on load. It may be an issue with your implementation.

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What do u think about me using this module to make an ability? would it be suitable?

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Would it be possible to make a kill cam system with this?

Very! You just have to code the implementation. Hope it works!

Possibly–might need some modification, though.

Alright. Also, the module just records the characters movements correct? Also, could I do this with many character?

Yes, it does, and yep, you can!

Oh okay. Thank you! Also, the demo game always gives me the error saying something about nil and number on line 40 and Key is not being used. Please use an valid key. when i used uncapped.

I’m a bit confused how to do use the demo game.

You can run around and jump after pressing “Start Recording”, and stop it whenever you’re done. Then, you can click “Render Replay”, and it will re-play the actions you performed.

Hope this helped!

Interesting module! Are there any differences between yours and the one of @boatbomber ?

Honestly, I never even knew he made one!

The one difference I can see with his, is that his uses ViewportFrames. Mine does it in the physical world. Both are great, his might be more complete. Mine is still pre-release, I honestly just did it for fun at first.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention though, cool to know there’s one for Viewports!

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:wink: Mine can do real world too!


Question: Would these replays be shown in a player similar to a video format where you can view it on a 2d plane or will the avatar be placed where it was during the recording when it is played?

Hmm, if your is still pre-release, then I am interested about the final form :eyes:

Oh nice! I only briefly read yours. Great job though, yours is probably better for use–I might add replays of any asset, which is the only real thing I can think of.

So currently I only support physical rendering, meaning it’s in the Workspace. While I plan to add Viewports at some point down the line, @boatbomber also has a replay module that works with Viewports very well! Check that out!

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UI replays and such too? And camera replication? Who knows…

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